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Limoges China For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS Set For 1212/01/16
  Set For 12
12 cups, saucers,bread plates,dinner plates,finger bowls. 1 sugar bowl,rectangular bowl,serving bowl,normal bowl,terine ...

FS Jean Boyer Limoges Service For 1209/19/15
     Jean Boyer Limoges Service For 12
large platter has a chip, sugar bowls top is taped to top, 48 plates 4 different sizes, 10 cups, gravy bowl with attache ...

FS Selling Signed Limoges Coronet Fish Plate Set07/16/15
  Selling Signed Limoges Coronet Fish Plate Set
Set of signed Limoges Coronet fish plates includes 11 plates, 1 large serving dish, and 1 sauce boat with saucer, signed ...

FS 4 Limoges Plates05/23/15
   4 Limoges Plates
set of 4 Limoges Plates, mint condition. 5" round. $75.00 for all four plus $6.95 shipping, OBO ...

FS Limoges Urn05/29/15
  Limoges Urn
Limoges Urn - Approximately 2 feet tall with ornate pattern trimmed in gold. Knob on top has a small, gold wear spot whi ...

FS Lot Of C.Ahrenfeldt Limoges Macy White W/ Flowers04/09/15
   Lot Of C.Ahrenfeldt Limoges Macy White W/ Flowers
I have a large lot of C.Ahrenfeldt Limoges Macy France Depose China - white w/flowers and Birds - place settings, platte ...

FS Mint Haviland Limoges Paladin Blue 6 Table Setting10/23/14
  Mint Haviland Limoges Paladin Blue 6 Table Setting
one 18 cm high coffee pot (shown) one 33 cm serving plate one large creamer one large sugar bowl 6 table setti ...

FS Limoges Coronet 10-1/2 Charger Courting Couple Dub05/03/15
    Limoges Coronet 10-1/2 Charger Courting Couple Dub
This 10-1/2" charger with gold trim is signed DuBois and features a courting couple on a multi-color background. It is m ...

FS Limoges C Et J 10" Charger W Duck Signed Max05/03/15
    Limoges C Et J 10" Charger W Duck Signed Max
This 10" charger with gold trim is signed Max and features a standing duck on a multi-color background. It is marked on ...

FS Limoges L.R.L. 9-1/2" Charger Mallards in Flight S05/03/15
     Limoges L.R.L. 9-1/2" Charger Mallards in Flight S
This 9-1/2" charger with gold trim is signed Rogin and features a design of mallard ducks in flight on a green backgroun ...

FS Limoges ACH 12-1/2" Fish Charger05/03/15
       Limoges ACH 12-1/2" Fish Charger
This 12-1/2" charger with gold trim features a fish scene on a pastel background. It is marked on the back with the A. ...

Limoges China Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Searching For Florida Orange Pattern05/16/16
I am looking for pieces to start my collection of T&V Limoges for Greenleaf and Crosby called Florida Orange or Orange Blossom. Replacement.com has it cataloged as tv357

WTB Wanted Bernardaud Trianon Floral03/06/16
wanted any serving pieces of multifloral bernardaud trianon - turees, serving dishes platters etc

WTB Want To Buy 8 1/2 " CF Haviland Marjolaine Plate03/04/16
I am looking for one 8 1/2" Charles Field Haviland Marjolaine luncheon plate to complete my set. Also, would like to purchase (6) small cream soup bowls and saucer, same pattern

WTB Yellow Bernardaud Pots De Creme06/06/15
I was wondering if anyone had any information or even a replacement piece for my yellow Bernardaud pot de creme set, posted online here: http://imgur.com/a/FyCHF I am missing one pot. As you can see, the mark below the pots appears to be a griffin with a large P, with B&Co/France below. It is quite a vibrant yellow in bright light (as shown by the photo of the platter). I have been totally unable to either identify the name of this pattern or find any replacements in stores or online, so if anyone has any, let me know

WTB Dinner Plates Wanted01/30/15
Gue 130 gold trim. Multi sided. Black and gold (yellow)checkered boxes around trim. Pink roses too

WTB Help Identifying 08/12/14
If anyone can help me identify my Limoges plate and powder box, I'd appreciate it very much. I inherited these pieces and have researched, but bo luck. Plate has purple flowers and green leafs, edged in gold paint. Artist signature looks like L Francis. The powder box also has purple flowers with green leaves, heavy gold detail, with artist initials KL. Both have green stamp on bottom that says Elite L France.

WTB Limoges Switch Plates Wanted08/01/14
I'm looking for Limoges switch plates to purchase - ideally white with any sort of gilt design.

WTB Limoges Mosaique Pattern Large Dinner Plate05/05/14
Looking for a large dinner plate with the blue mosaic swirls on yellow ground as seen at Christi'e at http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/lot/a-limoges-mosaique-pattern-part-dinner-service-20th-5251712-details.aspx - I broke one and have 5 left!

WTB AHR140 Red Ring Multicolor Roses Yellow Background03/05/14
Looking for various pieces of C. Ahrenfeldt Limoges in AHR140. It has a red ring with design in it, pink and yellow /multicolor roses w/ green leaves swag design and yellow between the ring and the roses. white background.

WTB Charles Ahrenfeldt Limoges 03/08/14
Called AHR-99 by replacements limited. Green watermark. Very old. Pink roses,yellow lillies with faint blue vining surround the rim of the plates; there is one floral bouquet in the center; gilded; scalloped edges; cups have 2 floral bouquets on each side of gilded handle; interior of cups has a dark ring very near the top.

WTB Limoges France LRILRI1601/27/14
Looking for more pieces of this china. It has purple and a few yellow roses on.

WTB Missing Pieces09/02/13
Looking for Charles Ahrenfeldt Limoges Montreux. Missing many pieces from a family hierloom set.

WTB Vintage Jane Boyer Limoges China08/28/13
Looking for Jane Boyer vintage Limoges china. i saw my pattern among your list designated as 599x337

WTB Searching For a Limoges Table Set03/14/13
Hello from Italy, i'm searching for anyone have some different size of plates limoges porcelain table set see link below. Can you help me for this ? thanks in advance https://picasaweb.google.com/112818765971876146712/LimogesUnic12RueDeParadisParis?authuser=0&feat=directlink

WTB Need Replacement Item For One I Broke!01/19/13
This is a small, maybe 3-4 inches in diameter, little scalloped plate or saucer. The background looks brown, and has lavender or light pink violets all over criss crossing the whole plate. The rim has gold edging. On the back are two marks for the Tressemanes & Vogt. The pink bell shaped mark with "T.V. Limoges" and a green "T&V"

WTB Raynaud Limoges Anemones Pattern Tea Or Coffee Pot01/16/13
I would like to replace this pot that I broke.

WTB Distinctive African Wild Animals Pattern 09/17/12
Limoges dinner service; sepia/browns wild African animals (Giraffe, elephant etc). Rectangular ashtray also required. Has deep brown plain border.

WTB Limoge Citrons08/25/12
please can you help desprate here, i am looking for the pat citrons one plae in particular it looks like rabbit ears or two leaves, as this is a set of six plates, looking to buy the set if need be or just that one plate. thank you.

WTB Bernardaud Limoges Lafayette Georgian Pieces Wante08/12/12
I would like to complete my set of Limoges Lafayette Georgian china. I am seeking 3-6 dinner plates, six cups, three saucers. Flexible on quantities if more are available. Thank you.

WTB Need 4 To 6 Dinner Plates, Greek Key,France T&V08/09/12
I am looking for 4 to 6 dinner plates for a set of Limoges T&V 9188,Greek Key design

WTB Mavaleix and Granger Limoges Old Abbey Ca.192007/16/12
Am looking for 2 soup dishes & 1 plate from this service, it has a dark blue/gold edging with a pattern on it - can anyone help?

WTB Lafarge Decor Amandine05/07/12
Je cherche 2 assiettes soupe et une assiette dessert

WTB American Limoges Woodrose Pattern04/13/12
I am trying to find replacement pieces for my mother's china. It is American Limoges, Triumph. The pattern is Woodrose. I will purchase any and all pieces available. I have been searching for about 6 months, and only found a few pieces.

WTB Limoges France Ceralene Medicis Yellow Floral04/06/12
I need at least six dinner plates in this pattern.

WTB Need Haviland Pieces Of Pattern: Schleiger 1293-7 03/15/12
Need Haviland replacement pieces for Pattern: Schleiger 1293-7 by Charles Field Haviland [CHFSCH1293-7]. White plate with embossed edge, Pink geranium flowers with celery colored geranium leaves. Pattern made around 1891. Need - 7 Tea cups and saucers, 2 dinner plates,7 soup bowls, 4 salad plates.

WTB Service For 12 Limoges03/01/12
Service for 12 plus matching pieces such as sigar/creamer, serving bowls etc. Vermillion rose/ohio/victory edition 22 carat gold trim.

WTB WTB Lierre Lauvage "White Ivy" Dinner Plates01/21/12
Wanted To Buy: Lierre Lauvage "White Ivy" dinner plates, any number available.

WTB White With Gold Trim Elite Works Limoges France 01/14/12
Any pieces of set.. white with gold trim with tulips or hearts set in the trim. From elite works limoges france. Crest with a man's face and letters S and R in red on back

WTB William Guerin 2412/27/11
Interested in any pieces of GUE24 pattern, but only if the china is still safely useable.

WTB Limoges, Wm. Guerin, Gold Plated China 12/23/11
Searching for four soup/dessert plates 9". Pattern Gue209. Gold filigree edge & Center Medallion.

WTB Valdrome "Impressions De Provence" Wanted11/12/11
Looking for pieces in any of the "Impressions de Provence" patterns (Fanny, Lune de Miel, etc.)

WTB Latrille Freres Pattern # LAT8611/05/11
Inherited a partial set from mother in law. Would like to have a complete set. Pattern is a laurel ring, pink rose swags wtih gold trim

WTB Will Buy Signed Artist French Limoges Paint Plates09/02/11
Iwant to buy painted french Limoges scenic and bird game plates signed prefered and other plates I will consider. Any vintage limoges boxe I love Le tallec I will look at any other pieces like dinnerset or bowls and vases I love cherubs.Also if it is any kind of french box it does not have to be limoges.Holly

WTB Gimbels Raynaurd/Limoges Chinaware05/15/11
Looking for replacements to Grandmothers china. Back of plate says Made in France exclusively for gimbel brothers stamped Raynaud & Co. Limoges/ Gold around center of plate with pink roses, purple and yellow flowers.

WTB Panier Chinois03/17/11
I want to add to my china set from the 1970s that I purchased at Zell's in Portland, Oregon. The translation in English is "Chinese Basket"

WTB Seeking Limoges Ile Aux Moines Porcelaine Pieces02/01/11
I wish to buy Limoges porcelaine pieces - dinner, soupe and tea plates, coffee and tea pots, tea cups & saucers, milk jugs (creamer), etc. Pattern must be Ile aux Moines pourpre. This style has a gold encrusted rim with a marrow purple band inside it , and a narrow dentelle leaf pattern inside that. Prefer purple band, but will consider other colours.

WTB Need Help Identifying Limoges Pattern 01/10/11
I have a set of Limoges china I would like to add to, but I don't know the name of the pattern. Here is a link to see the pattern. It is marked "J B Limoges France" in blue, in a sort of banner motif. Then there is another mark which reads "Limoges ? Soyer, France" in black. Any information (dates, etc) welcome. Thanks.

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